Floor and Coating: Special Applications

Raised Floor 40×40

Economical, practical and easy to install

Indoor Floorings

The 40×40 cm Ecostone tile, thickness 3 cm is a self-supporting tile (this means that it is not necessary to couple it with a supporting panel).

It can be laid directly on the raised structure, designed for our tiles which are perfectly calibrated and rectified and so don’t require any border. The result is a butt joint pattern flooring without joints.

Raised Structure

The raised structure consists of stringers and steel pedestals with adjustable high to obtain a perfectly levelled floor.

Ecostone tiles are Class 0 for fire resistance (Classe O refers to products that in case of fire, will never burn and will not release smokes), and so suitable for each private or public application.

Otdoor Floorings

For outdoor floorings Ecostone is a prestigious and flexible solution as, according to the needs, the tiles can be applied directly on the screed or with an elevated structure.

The structure for elevated outdoor floorings in built with specific plastic supports, also adjustable in height, positioned on the protective sheaths. This solution offers many advantages, such as rapid installation, better thermal and acoustic insulation, the possibility of the easy maintenance of the impermeable membrane and the passage of pipes and cables.

Raised Floor 60×60


The supporting structure in galvanised steel, consists of vertical supports with a base, threaded bar, spacer pice and a printed and ribbed head to allow coupling of omega section beams on a large laying and adherence area, by a high rigidity snap lock.

Modular supporting panels for Ecostone assembly are available either as a high density chip board, specifically for access floor system use, or in calcium sulphate monolithic layer with class zero fire reaction properties.

We propose to companies specialized on the production of raised floors our Ecostone slabs, rectified, calibrated and chamfered, 2 cm in thickness, for the upper covering of their supporting panels.
Special Applications

Supports for Raised Floorings

Agglo Baghin provides supports fixed height and height adjustable supports for raised floors.

Download the Catolog of Raised Support
Fixed Height Supports
Adjustable Height Supports
Special Applications

Ventilated Facade