ISO 9001:2015 Certifications

Our constant care to improve all the services and the assistance offered to our customers and the continuous control of the quality that has always been one of the main characteristics of our products, allowed us to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The constant dialogue with the experts of the sector and with architects remains one of the company’s main objectives and the exclusive design of the surfaces and the inherent technical features of Ecostone® products mean that they have a wide range of uses.


Green Tag – A Livel

Agglo Baghin, in collaboration with Melbourne distributor Signorino Tile Gallery, has achieved on year 2013 the Global Green Tag certification for our Ecostone terrazzo products (valid until end 2014).

Green Tag is one of the largest product and in some sectors the dominant sustainability certification system in Australia. GreenTag is a Certification Mark in the USA, EU and UK and is also undergoing approval as a certification Mark in many other countries including NZ, China, Singapore and Canada.

Ecostone products are GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A21.

Ecostone terrazzo floor tiles are suitable for a vast range of applications where durable hard surface tiling is required.

The product has been successfully installed in many high traffic public spaces across the globe. Featuring in major shopping centres as well as airports and rail stations and private residences, Ecostone terrazzo is a true example of a practical yet beautiful flooring material.


Natural Stone Agglomerates

The flat back finish and perfect calibration is exclusive to Ecostone and ensures a less expensive and easier fixing system.

Ecostone tiles contain approximately 75% post-industrial waste materials from the manufacturing stream of marble, granite etc.

The production process of Ecostone does not require firing in a kiln, resulting in a substantial saving of energy.

The energy consumption, gas and liquid emissions of the product manufacturing process are measured, reviewed and reported every year, as required by Italian Regulation.