Customized products

Ecostone products can be supplied with an infinite variety of colours and shades to design without limits accoringly to any customer’s or tastes and requirements and to create exclusive and original environments.
Below you can see some examples of special products we realized.

Special Line products are available in the formats of 40x40x1,5 cm, 60x60x2 cm e 60x30x2 cm. On request can also be supplied in special sizes 40x20x1,5 cm, 30x30x2 cm e 20x20x1,5 cm.

Colour and structure of the listed colours are only for indicatio and not binding as Ecostone products consists entirely of natural materials and therefore are subject to colour and structure alternations.


Customized Products

EM 03-09
EM 05-10
EM 06-05
EM 09-12
EM 24-06
EV 106-06
EM 36-10
EM 53-05
EM 53-11
EV 74-12
EM 73-06
EM 95-02
EM 102-05
EM 125-11
EM 127-00
EM 128-03
EM 137-04
EM 157-11
EM 172-11
EM 199-11
EMG 40-04
EQ 176-11
EV 15-12
EV 65-12